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free things to do in phoenix

Top 10 Free Activities for an Affordable Adventure

Explore the vibrant city of Phoenix without breaking the bank! Our list of the top 10 free things to do in Phoenix unveils budget-friendly attractions and activities, ensuring you make the most of your visit without spending a dime. From scenic parks to cultural gems, embark on a wallet-friendly adventure in the Valley of the Sun. Plan your affordable getaway with our guide to the best free experiences Phoenix has to offer!

Here are some free things to do in phoenix list.

Free things to do in phoenix list:

1. Desert Botanical Garden - Community Day:

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, hosts Community Day on the second Tuesday of each month. During this special day, visitors can enjoy free admission to explore the garden’s diverse collection of desert plants, educational exhibits, and serene walking paths. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, learn about desert flora, and appreciate the unique ecosystem that thrives in this arid region.Location: Desert Botanical Garden is located at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008. The garden is situated in Papago Park and offers stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Website: Desert Botanical Garden

free things to do in phoenix

2. Papago Park:

Papago Park, a desert oasis in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, offers a picturesque landscape of red sandstone buttes, hiking trails, and unique geological formations. One of its notable features is “Hole-in-the-Rock,” a natural sandstone formation with a hole that frames stunning views of the city. The park provides a peaceful retreat for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities for bird watching.Location: Papago Park is located in the eastern part of Phoenix, near the border of Scottsdale. The park’s address is 625 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008. 

Website: Papago Park

free things to do in phoenix

3. Phoenix Art Museum - First Friday:

On the first Friday of every month, the Phoenix Art Museum opens its doors to the public for a cultural celebration. Visitors can enjoy free admission to explore the museum’s diverse collections, including contemporary and classical art, photography, and fashion. This monthly event often features special exhibitions, live performances, and interactive activities, creating a vibrant atmosphere for art enthusiasts and the community.Location: The Phoenix Art Museum is located at 1625 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Situated in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

Website: Phoenix Art Museum

free things to do in phoenix

4. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park:

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a family-friendly destination centered around a love for trains. While some attractions within the park may have associated fees, the park itself is free to enter. Visitors can enjoy expansive green spaces, picnic areas, and playgrounds. The park features a train-themed playground, a model railroad exhibit, and a chance to ride the Paradise & Pacific Railroad, albeit with a small fare. It’s a delightful spot for train enthusiasts and families looking for a relaxed day outdoors.Location: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is located at 7301 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. 

Website: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

free things to do in phoenix

5. Phoenix Public Library:

The Phoenix Public Library system offers a haven for knowledge and exploration, with multiple branches across the city. Visitors can access a wealth of books, multimedia resources, and educational programs. While specific events may have associated fees, general library services, including book borrowing and computer use, are typically free. The libraries often serve as community hubs, providing a quiet space for study, reading, and engagement in various educational activities.Location: The main branch of the Phoenix Public Library, the Burton Barr Central Library, is located at 1221 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Website: Phoenix Public Library

free things to do in phoenix

6. Musical Instrument Museum - First Saturday:

On the first Saturday of each month, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona, opens its doors to the public for free admission from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visitors can explore the extensive collection of musical instruments from around the world, enjoy live performances, and participate in interactive exhibits. This monthly event provides a fantastic opportunity for music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich diversity of global musical traditions.Location: The Musical Instrument Museum is located at 4725 E. Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85050. Situated in the Desert Ridge area of Phoenix.

Website: Musical Instrument Museum

free things to do in phoenix

7. South Mountain Park and Preserve:

South Mountain Park and Preserve, located in Phoenix, Arizona, stands as one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. Offering an extensive network of trails, this urban wilderness provides outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Visitors can revel in panoramic views of the city, explore desert landscapes, and appreciate the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. South Mountain Park serves as a serene retreat for those seeking both recreational activities and a connection with nature.Location: South Mountain Park and Preserve is situated at 10919 S. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85042. 

Website: South Mountain Park and Preserve

free things to do in phoenix

8. Arizona State University - Night of the Open Door:

9. Arizona State University hosts the annual “Night of the Open Door,” a captivating event that invites the community to explore the university’s campuses and facilities. During this night, ASU opens its doors to the public, showcasing innovative research, interactive exhibits, and engaging demonstrations across various disciplines. Visitors can interact with students and faculty, gaining insight into the university’s diverse academic and creative pursuits. Location: The “Night of the Open Door” events take place across multiple ASU campuses. 

Website: Arizona State University

free things to do in phoenix

9. CityScape:

CityScape in downtown Phoenix is a vibrant urban destination offering a mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences. This dynamic space frequently hosts free events, live music, and festivals, creating a lively atmosphere for both locals and visitors. With an array of restaurants, shops, and public spaces, CityScape serves as a central hub for socializing, exploring local culture, and enjoying the diverse offerings of downtown Phoenix.Location: CityScape is centrally located at 1 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004. 

Website: CityScape

free things to do in phoenix

10. Japanese Friendship Garden - Ro Ho En:

Nestled in the heart of downtown Phoenix, the Japanese Friendship Garden, also known as Ro Ho En, offers a serene escape inspired by traditional Japanese landscape design. Visitors can stroll through meticulously manicured gardens, admire koi-filled ponds, and experience the tranquility of authentic tea houses. The garden provides a cultural haven, fostering an appreciation for Japanese aesthetics and horticulture amidst the urban bustle.Location: The Japanese Friendship Garden is located at 1125 N. 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003. 

Website: Japanese Friendship Garden

free things to do in phoenix

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