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Family-Friendly Fun in Pittsburgh: Top Kid-Friendly Activities and Attractions

Explore Pittsburgh with your little ones! Discover exciting family-friendly activities, from the interactive exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to the captivating wildlife at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Take a scenic ride on the Duquesne Incline for breathtaking views or enjoy hands-on learning at the Carnegie Science Center. Embrace outdoor adventure at Point State Park or engage in creative play at the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library. With a perfect blend of education and entertainment, Pittsburgh offers a memorable experience for kids and families alike.

1. Children's Museum of Pittsburgh:

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, located in the historic North Side district, is a vibrant and interactive space designed to spark creativity in young minds. With hands-on exhibits, art installations, and immersive learning experiences, the museum offers a dynamic environment for children to explore and play. From the Waterplay area to the MAKESHOP where kids can engage in DIY projects, the museum encourages curiosity and discovery.

website: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

2. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium:

Nestled in Highland Park, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is a captivating destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Home to over 4,000 animals from around the globe, the zoo offers an immersive experience with exhibits like the African Savannah and Tropical Forest. Dive into marine wonders at the PPG Aquarium, featuring interactive displays and aquatic marvels. Located at 7370 Baker Street, Pittsburgh, PA, the zoo provides a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

website: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

3. Carnegie Science Center:

Situated on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Science Center is a dynamic hub of exploration and learning. Boasting interactive exhibits, live science demonstrations, and a planetarium, the center captivates visitors with the wonders of science and technology. From the Buhl Planetarium to the Highmark SportsWorks, it offers diverse experiences for all ages. Located at 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, the Carnegie Science Center is a beacon for curious minds, providing a stimulating environment where science comes to life.

website: Carnegie Science Center

4. Duquesne Incline:

Perched on the scenic hills of Mount Washington, the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s skyline and three rivers. As a historic cable car funicular, the Incline provides a unique and memorable way to witness Pittsburgh’s beauty. Visitors ascend or descend at 1197 West Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, enjoying stunning vistas of the cityscape along the way. A must-visit attraction, the Duquesne Incline combines a touch of nostalgia with unparalleled views, making it an iconic experience for both locals and tourists seeking a picturesque perspective of Pittsburgh.

website: Duquesne Incline

5. Point State Park:

Nestled at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers, Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh is a scenic oasis offering a blend of natural beauty and historical significance. This urban green space features walking trails, lush landscapes, and the iconic Point State Park Fountain. Located at 601 Commonwealth Place, Pittsburgh, PA, the park serves as a recreational haven where visitors can picnic, stroll along riverfront pathways, and enjoy outdoor events. With its strategic location at the “Point” of Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle, this park is a popular destination for relaxation and appreciation of the city’s rich heritage.

website: Point State Park

6. Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library:

The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library, situated at 5401 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, is a haven for families seeking educational and imaginative play experiences. This unique library allows children to borrow a diverse array of toys, fostering creativity and learning through play. From educational games to imaginative playsets, the library provides a resourceful space for children of all ages. The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library not only promotes the importance of play but also offers a sustainable and cost-effective way for families to provide enriching experiences for their children.

website: Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library

7. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens:

Situated in the heart of Oakland at 1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a haven of natural beauty and sustainable living. Spanning 15 acres, this historic site features stunning botanical exhibits, lush gardens, and sustainable architecture. Visitors can explore themed gardens, tropical landscapes, and seasonal flower displays. The Phipps Conservatory is not just a feast for the eyes but also an educational hub, promoting environmental awareness and eco-friendly practices.

website: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

8. Kennywood Amusement Park:

Located at 4800 Kennywood Boulevard, West Mifflin, PA, Kennywood Amusement Park is a beloved family destination that has been entertaining visitors for over a century. This historic amusement park offers a perfect blend of classic charm and modern thrills, featuring a variety of rides, roller coasters, and live entertainment. From iconic attractions like the Thunderbolt and Phantom’s Revenge to family-friendly rides and vibrant events, Kennywood promises an unforgettable experience for all ages.

website: Kennywood Amusement Park

9. The National Aviary:

Nestled in Pittsburgh’s historic North Side at 700 Arch Street, the National Aviary is a premier destination for bird enthusiasts and families alike. Home to over 500 birds representing more than 150 species from around the world, the aviary offers an immersive and educational experience. Visitors can witness captivating bird displays, attend interactive shows, and even engage in close encounters with some of the feathered residents.

website: The National Aviary

10. Pittsburgh Children's Theater:

Situated at 6601 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, the Pittsburgh Children’s Theater is a vibrant cultural hub dedicated to inspiring and entertaining young audiences. Renowned for its captivating live performances, the theater brings classic stories and original productions to life, fostering a love for the arts among children. With a commitment to creativity and education, the Pittsburgh Children’s Theater offers an enriching experience for families, schools, and youth groups.

website: Pittsburgh Children’s Theater

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