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things to do in seattle with kids

Seattle Family Fun: Kid-Friendly Adventures in the Emerald City

Explore Seattle’s family-friendly side with these exciting activities for kids. Embark on a captivating journey through the Pacific Science Center or immerse yourselves in marine wonders at the Seattle Aquarium. Let your little ones unleash their creativity at the Museum of Pop Culture or enjoy an exhilarating day at Woodland Park Zoo. Take a scenic ride on the iconic Seattle Great Wheel for breathtaking views, and discover hands-on exhibits at the Seattle Children’s Museum. From the captivating Seattle Center to the lively Pike Place Market, the Emerald City offers a myriad of kid-approved adventures for a memorable family getaway.

Here are some Things to do in seattle with kids list.

Things to do in seattle with kids list

1. Seattle Center:

Location: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

Seattle Center is a cultural and entertainment hub located in the heart of Seattle. This 74-acre campus is home to a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. Dominating the skyline is the iconic Space Needle, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas.Within Seattle Center, you’ll find the Pacific Science Center, featuring interactive science exhibits and IMAX movies. The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) celebrates the world of music, science fiction.

Website:  Seattle Center

things to do in seattle with kids

2. Woodland Park Zoo:

Location: 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

Woodland Park Zoo is a premier destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts in Seattle. Spanning 92 acres, the zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals from around the world, providing a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.Explore various exhibits showcasing animals in habitats designed to mimic their natural environments. From African savannas to lush rainforests, visitors can observe a wide array of species.

Website: Woodland Park Zoo

things to do in seattle with kids

3. Pacific Science Center:

Location: 200 2nd Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

The Pacific Science Center, situated in Seattle, is a dynamic hub of science exploration and education. With a mission to ignite curiosity and fuel a passion for discovery, the center offers a wide range of interactive exhibits, educational programs, and awe-inspiring experiences for visitors of all ages. Explore engaging and interactive exhibits that cover a variety of scientific disciplines, including physics, astronomy, biology, and more. 

Website:  Pacific Science Center

things to do in seattle with kids

4. Seattle Children's Museum:

Location: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

The Seattle Children’s Museum is a vibrant and interactive space designed specifically for young children, offering a range of exhibits and activities that promote learning through play. Located in the Seattle Center, it provides a welcoming environment for families with children aged 10 and under.The museum features a variety of hands-on exhibits that encourage imaginative play, creativity, and exploration. These exhibits often reflect different aspects of daily life, professions, and cultural diversity.

Website:  Seattle Children’s Museum:

things to do in seattle with kids

5. Green Lake Park:

Location: Green Lake Park is located at 7201 E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115, USA.

Green Lake Park is a beloved and scenic outdoor destination situated in the heart of Seattle. Known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, the park attracts locals and visitors alike, offering a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle.The park features a popular 2.8-mile loop trail around the lake, providing a picturesque setting for walking, jogging, running, and biking. The trail is accessible to people of all fitness levels.

Website: Green Lake Park

things to do in seattle with kids

6. Seattle Public Library:

Location: The Seattle Central Library is located at 1000 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, USA. There are multiple branches throughout the city.

The Seattle Public Library system is an integral part of the city’s cultural and educational landscape, offering a wealth of resources, services, and engaging programs for all ages.The library boasts an extensive collection of books, e-books, audiobooks, and multimedia resources covering a wide range of genres and subjects. Specifically designed for young readers, the library’s children’s section offers a diverse collection of books, interactive displays, and educational programs.

Website: Seattle Public Library

things to do in seattle with kids

7. Family-Friendly Restaurants:

Seattle offers a variety of family-friendly restaurants with diverse menus and welcoming atmospheres.

Location: Various locations

Website: Family-Friendly Restaurants

Enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza and a family-friendly environment.

Location: 401 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

A family-friendly pizza place featuring inventive and delicious pizza creations.

Location: 312 N 67th St, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

Known for their delicious burgers and shakes, Red Mill Burgers is a popular spot for families.

things to do in seattle with kids

8. Kubota Garden:

Location: 9817 55th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118, USA

Kubota Garden is a stunning Japanese-inspired garden located in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle. This 20-acre public park is a serene and meticulously landscaped space that showcases the beauty of nature in harmony with Japanese design principles. Kubota Garden was created by Fujitaro Kubota, a Japanese immigrant, in the 1920s. The garden is punctuated with ponds and streams that add a sense of tranquility to the surroundings.

Website: Kubota Garden

things to do in seattle with kids

9. Pike Place Market:

Location: 85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Pike Place Market is an iconic and historic public market located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It’s not just a market; it’s a vibrant and lively destination that offers a diverse range of experiences for locals and tourists alike.Explore the bustling stalls of local farmers and vendors offering an array of fresh produce, flowers, and artisanal goods. Pike Place Market is famous for its “flying fish” tradition, where fishmongers toss fish to each other and entertain visitors.

Website: Pike Place Market

things to do in seattle with kids

10. Wild Waves Theme & Water Park:

Location: 36201 Enchanted Pkwy S, Federal Way, WA 98003, USA

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park is the largest amusement park in the Pacific Northwest, offering a thrilling combination of amusement rides and water attractions. Located in Federal Way, just south of Seattle, this family-friendly destination provides a wide range of entertainment options for visitors of all ages.Cool off in the wave pool, where you can experience the fun of ocean-like waves in a controlled environment.

Website: Wild Waves Theme & Water Park

things to do in seattle with kids

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